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City of Longview Highlands Trail Ribbon Cutting

shapeimage_1 (6)The Highlands Trail officially opened Saturday. Longview Mayor Dennis Weber, Patsy Hite and local boy scouts helped cut the ribbon, officially opening the trail. The ribbon cutting was followed by a Fun Walk from Archie Anderson Park to the Highlands Community Center on Carolina Street. The trail celebration was co-sponsored by the City of Longview and the Highlands Neighborhood Association.

Gibbs & Olson provided the City of Longview with design and bid phase services. Project elements included 6,800 feet of 10 foot wide asphalt trail, concrete sidewalks, ADA compliant access ramps, utility access gates, chicane bike crossings, trail signage and striping, urban design amenities, water quality treatment area, landscaping, and LED trail lighting. The additives include 13,000 square feet of parking, stormwater collection, treatment and disposal, landscaping and irrigation, and illumination for Archie Anderson Park; and two separate street parking areas with curb and gutter, concrete sidewalk, stormwater collection and treatment, signing, striping, landscaping and illumination.

The Highlands Trail Project provides a critical recreational link along the bordering residential community to their adjoining parks and open spaces, and provides a significant contribution to the completion of the Cowlitz Regional Trail Plan. The intention is to eventually connect the Highlands Trail to the countywide trail system that is being built in phases.