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Kelso Longview Chamber Welcomes Rich Gushman to Board

The Kelso Longview Chamber starts off the new year by welcoming Rich Gushman to its Board of Directors. “I hope to be able to help the Chamber in its efforts of promoting our community activities and in helping local businesses improve. I am thankful for the opportunities this community has provided me with and I really like living, working and playing in Cowlitz County,” said Gushman.

“Rich grew up in the Longview-Kelso area, has a business here, and is very involved in the community. We are lucky to have someone so dedicated to improving the quality of life in Cowlitz County,” Marcum said.

In addition to his time with the Chamber, Rich serves as board chairman for the LCC Foundation and Three Rivers Christian School and board member for Cowlitz Economic Development Council. He is also a member of the Longview Early Edition Rotary and Immaculate Heart Catholic Church in Kelso. Read more>