Water System Plan Update

Client—City of Elma, Washington

The City of Elma operates a public water system that serves 1,400 users. Gibbs & Olson was hired by the City to prepare their Water System Plan update to meet state Department of Health (DOH) requirements. The water system plan included background and service area information on the existing system, planning data that includes population and water demand projections, a system analysis with recommendations to meet future water demand, a water use efficiency program and source of supply analysis, wellhead protection program, operation and maintenance program, distribution facilities construction standards, capital improvement program, financial program, and update system mapping. The City’s hydraulic modeling was updated and calibrated with field data collected by Gibbs & Olson. Gibbs & Olson is also working with the City to complete an extensive groundwater monitoring and analysis project in conjunction with a water right acquisition project that is being conducted concurrently with the water system planning process. The water system plan update is currently under the DOH review process.