First Baptist Church, Longview, Washington site de rencontre en ligne en france Client—First Baptist Church

go Gibbs & Olson provided the land surveying and site design for the church complex located on nine acres. The site was previously an undeveloped lot and had been a golf course in recent history, consisting primarily of grass and a few trees. The overall proposed development consisted of the improvements for a new one story 62,000 square foot metal frame building, 178,000 square foot paved parking area, sidewalk, onsite utilities including City of Longview water and sewer, landscaping, and the construction of on-site stormwater detention and treatment facilities. The conveyance system for the site drainage consists primarily of sheet flow across the parking areas directly into one of three biofiltration swales. The biofiltration swales provide water quality treatment for the runoff before conveying the runoff to above ground storage ponds which discharge to the City’s storm drainage system.