Water is such an essential part of our way of life. Many of us take the water we use for granted—not thinking about where water comes from—or after we’re done using it, where does the water go? Our daily tasks of washing, flushing the toilet, or brushing our teeth are second nature.

At Gibbs & Olson, we think about water every day. We understand water’s importance to our daily lives and the increasing need for conservation. With changing regulations and aging systems, engineering solutions are needed that not only help serve users but are easy and cost effective to maintain. For 60 years communities have trusted Gibbs & Olson to plan, design, and oversee the construction of public and private systems.


  • Planning (Water System Plans & Evaluations)
  • Pre-Design & Design
  • Source Development (Supply)
  • Water Quality & Treatment
  • Transmission, Distribution & Storage


  • Planning (General Sewer & Facility Plans, Engineering Reports & Feasibility Studies)
  • Pre-Design & Design
  • Conveyance (Gravity, Pump Stations & Forcemains)
  • Infiltration & Inflow Removal
  • Treatment & Disinfection
  • Reclaimed Water

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Water/Wastewater Projects